Your haven of peace in a pool

Pure refreshment in high alpine spring water

Our indoor pool is no ordinary indoor one. For the sake of your health, it is filled with crystal clear mountain spring water from the Plose, which is cleaned with a special salt water treatment system. The splitting of common salt between titanium plates creates a natural chlorine that ensures germ and algae-free bathing water. It is important to us that the water in the pool is as natural as possible.

Whirlpool with a view

When you've had enough of the "still water", the bubbling begins in the whirlpool. With the pleasantly warm water temperature, you can regenerate your stressed limbs and have them massaged by the dancing air bubbles. The large windows allow an unobstructed view of the garden. In between, it’s also worth closing your eyes and just listening to the bubbles.

Relaxation in sight


With a view of the Geisler peaks

Work up a sweat

With motivating panorama views

Included services

You don't have to miss a thing