Feel-good board plus

Half-board with a healthy extra.

Would you like to eat healthily while on holiday or do you have to watch your diet for health reasons? We have made it our task to integrate vegan, vegetarian and alkaline dishes into our menus. You can book our feel-good half-board plus for a surcharge of only € 8.00 per person and day.

Healthy makes happy

Our feel-good half-board plus embodies healthy and regional cuisine. Our kitchen team makes sure that healthy dishes are served every day, which also make people with coeliac disease, lactose intolerance and other intolerances happy. This goes hand in hand with our sense of preserving our beautiful surroundings and the desire to avoid long transport routes.

Spring water of the Plose

A unique selling point of our feel-good board, but also of our ordinary half-board, is the Plose water. Our The Vista Hotel is located directly below the source of the famous Plose water at 1,870 metres. The geological properties of the soil make the Plose water one of the softest and purest waters in the Alps. Since the quality of the water is of primary importance for health, it is important to drink pure and natural water. The Plose spring water has a dry residue of 21.0 mg/l and is therefore unique among the high spring waters in Europe.

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