Funes hiking area

Explore the Dolomites valley on foot

Idyllic places that evoke emotion. Flora and fauna to marvel at. Eventful family hiking trails that are never boring. Exciting climbing and summit tours to make every mountaineers heart beat faster. There are no limits in the valley of trails, where no less than the mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner calls home. Because as we know, nature knows no bounds – especially in the magical world of the “pale mountains”: the Dolomites.

Adolf-Munkel trail to the Malga Geisler

The highlight hiking trail to the Malga Geisler leads from Ranui into the valley and gently ascends up to the Malga Zanes and along the St. Zenon brook. Then, it hits the “Adolf-Munkel Trail” and continues along this towards the west. It runs close to the tree line, crossing several grassy ridges. Mighty Swiss pines and fields of alpine roses line the trail, the views of the north wall of the Odle peaks down into the popular Malga Geisler are a fascinating sight.

Panorama trail from S. Pietro in Funes

The path leads from the centre in S. Pietro past the parish church and up to the “Vikoler Bild” chapel. The panorama trail starts from here going eastwards up to above S. Maddalena. The return path goes via the “Sunnseitenweg” right back to the starting point in S. Pietro.