Our feel-good half-board plus

Half-board with an extra healthy bonus

In our day and age, more and more people are interested in eating healthily, particularly when they are on holiday or need to pay attention to their diet for health reasons. So, we have made it our mission to include for a supplement vegan, vegetarian and base foods in our menus. Because you are worth it!
Our feel-good half-board plus - at extra charge of € 8,00 per person and day -  incorporates a healthy and, as far as possible, regional cuisine. Our kitchen team make a conscious effort to ensure that healthy dishes are also served every day for people who suffer from coeliac disease, lactose intolerance and other incompatibilities. This complements our sense for preserving our marvellous surroundings and the desire for avoiding long transport routes.

Plose water is a unique element in our feel-good half board, as well as in our ordinary half board. Our The Vista Hotel is located directly below the source of the famous Plose water at 1,870 m. The geological characteristics of the ground make Plose water one of the softest and cleanest water in the Alps. Since water quality is of primary significance for good health, it is important to drink pure, natural water. Plose spring water has a dry residue of 21.0 mg/l and is therefore unique among the high spring waters in Europe. And we have it for you!




Nature adventures for everyone

When you spend a holiday on the Plose, expect the ideal hiking area.